Founded in 2002, Crossgate Partners invests, develops and manages a wide variety of real estate assets, including office, retail, multifamily, healthcare, and mixed-use properties.


Within this spectrum we focus on three areas of real estate transactions:

Real Estate Development


Value-Add Properties


Non-Performing Notes & Real Estate

Starting from a blank slate in select, favorable locations, Crossgate Partners develops and builds luxury residential, multifamily, and mixed-use communities to successfully address individual market needs.


Through renovations, capital improvements, and higher quality leasing efforts, Crossgate Partners repositions underperforming office, retail and multifamily properties to perform above market standards.


Crossgate Partners cooperates with banks and financial institutions to acquire Distressed Note and Real Estate Owned properties on both an individual and pool basis. After acquisition, we actively negotiate effective resolutions with borrowers and tenants to maintain or increase profitability of these assets.

Just as important as growing this portfolio of real estate assets is how we do it.